Bleach Guide: What Temperature Does Bleach Freeze?

what temperature does bleach freeze

Bleach is among the few chemicals that lose their active ingredient over time. It won’t matter whether you have opened the bottle or not.

what temperature does bleach freeze

The primary factor that determines how long your home or pool bleach will remain active is the temperature. Too low temperature or scorching weather can make your bleach to lose power.  

Therefore, it is would only make sense to know at what temperature this product freezes. Here we will look at that and even more about bleach.

What is the Freezing Point of Bleach?

Many people ask whether their bleach will freeze when left near the pool (above ground pool and inground swimming pool) during the cold days, and if so, at what temperature would that occur. Yes, we can confirm that it does freeze.

But what we cannot say with certainty is at what temperature due to various reasons, including:

Chlorine Content

The chlorine content of your bleach will determine the temperature it will freeze. For instance, if you think about a bottle of home bleach, then it will begin to solidify at around 19 degrees F.


Besides, the freezing point will also be affected by the windchill if the bottle is left outside your home. In short, any long term cold will start to change your product when you leave it at temperatures of 19 degrees F. 

Type of Bleach

Another factor that will affect how your bleach will freeze is the kind of bleach you have. For example, bleach with 10% Sodium Hypochlorite will begin to freeze at a temperature of 7 degrees F.

A product with 5% Sodium Hypochlorite will begin to solidify at a temperature of 20 degrees F. As you can see, the more water your bleach has, the less likely it will freeze at high temperatures.

Maximize Your Bleach Life

If you want your bleach to remain active for long, you should store it properly by avoiding freezing and hot conditions. That means storing your product inside a cabinet in your house.

Such a place will have a stable room temperature compared to storing it in your garage or an outside store. Also, store it in an opaque bottle – do not switch your bleach to a clear container since it will be exposed to the sunlight and will begin to degrade. 

Like all other hazardous material, you should ensure that you store it away from pets and kids. It is also advisable to keep it away from your household cleaning items because it reacts with some of them to produce toxic fumes.

How Long Does Bleach Last?

The shelf life of a bottle of bleach is shown on the label. With that said, your bleach will be highly active for the first six months if you store it the right way. 

You can also use it for about nine months. Consider replacing a bottle that is older than one year.

Final Words

You should know the chlorine content of your bleach to ensure that you store it the right way. Generally speaking, bleach will start to freeze when it hits 19 degrees F.

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