Sun Shelf Pool Chair: What Pool Furniture Can Your Place in Your Pool?

Sun Shelf Pool Chair

We all try to create an inviting and modern stay for our guests and one way to achieve that is to have Sun Shelf Pool Chairs in our pool. These units come in handy for relaxation during the hot summer when you want to chill without diving into your pool.

In this piece, we have gathered all the data you would like to know before you invest in a Sun Shelf Pool Chair. We hope that you will find it useful and enable you to choose the right design for your need.

What is a Sun Shelf Pool Chair?

A Sun Shelf Pool Chair is also known as a Pool Ledge, Baja Shelf, or Tanning Ledge. The seat has become popular over the years for both residential and commercial pools for its soothing environment.

A Sun Shelf is a raised surface in a pool that creates a shallow section of water that is less than a foot deep and is wide enough to enable you to set a few chaise lounges or chairs on.

The ideal is attractive to people who want to tan, relax, and even read a book during the hot days while their bodies are partially inside the water to cool. By having a Sun Shelf Chair in your pool, you can be confident that you and your guests will have a good time.

Which Chairs Should You Consider?

After years of research, we have developed a list of the Sun Shelf Pool Chair that you should consider getting for your pool. We have looked at the material, and they are:

Plastic Resin Pool Chairs

Plastic Resin Pool Chairs are designed to remain in the water for long without getting damaged. There are a lot of brands that provide these models – you can quickly look them online.

These models come with a 100% plastic resin that is well-crafted to remove the need for using metal. They also boast of high-density polyethylene that makes them durable despite being lightweight. 

Besides, they easily resist fading from prolonged exposure to the light as their colors blend well and don’t corrode or rot. They are also resistant to pool chemicals. 

Additionally, their non-porous, level surface doesn’t leave any weak point in the frame for water to damage. You can set these chairs at the edge of your pool for days.  

Marine Grade Polymer Pool Furniture

Another option that you should try is the marine grade chairs. Just like the resin ones, these models are made of high-density polyurethane and offer all the benefits of water-resistant. 

These models are usually heavier than plastic chairs, but that makes them stronger. They are specially made for harsh conditions such as pools with saltwater.

With these chairs, you can be confident that you will enjoy years of relaxation without replacing them. 

In Conclusion

If you have a pool and want to make it more enjoyable, then you should try adding a Sun Shelf Pool Chair. It will offer you a great way to relax during the hot days. 

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