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This is awesome. Probably too late for me to pull together for next week, but I'm filing this away for next year!!

LOVE it! And I LOVE that you are posting again! :)

Great idea! :)

What's the font you used for "she is always up for a challenge"? My friend and I are copying your great ideas!!! If you could get back to us quickly?...

I'm a teacher and I would LOVE this gift. You definitely earned a gold medal in gift giving!

I just found your blog and love it. Actually looking for some ideas for Christmas and this would be great for Christmas gift too. I love this idea. I can't sew at all so glad to know you bought the bag at Hobby Lobby. I have one a mile away. Perfect!!

Hi, I'm with an online vintage dress boutique called Shabby Apple (www.shabbyapple.com) and I adore your blog. Shabby Apple offers affordable, stylish attire perfect for a day at work or play, or a night on the town. We would love to partner with you and offer your readers a 10% off coupon as well as the opportunity to giveaway a piece of jewelry from our collection on your blog. Please check us out at www.shabbyapple.com and let me know if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!


Heather Johnson

(this is only open to US residents, if this is not a possibility please let me know)

You are amazing!!
Love it!

Dear Think, What fun to have a new post from you. Devin and I were just talking last week about Miss Ellie and how much we miss your family. Devin and I keep praying for a little girl to move in, but so far, there is NObody to take Ellie's place. Thanks for sharing your cleverness through blogland. We miss you and love you! Sister T.O.

I am a teacher and would have ABSOLUTELY loved this gift!!! This is amazing! I am so glad I have kept you bookmarked after all this time and even more excited that you are back! You both have such wonderful ideas! Keep them coming!

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