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Please tell me where that is. I'd love to hear more about it!!

The Homestead - one of our very favorite places! I just wish it weren't so darn difficult to get to from Houston!


Be still my heart...


The Homestead ... Am I right?????

The Homestead! I love the Warm Springs/Hot Springs area!!

Ditto what Anita K. said. (well the last part, I have yet to enjoy the Homestead myself). I am putting that on my list of things to do when I make my way back to DC.

WOW Kristi! Wish we were there!

I was hoping you were going here...it's beautiful! My parents used to take us when we were children. I remember it all like it was yesterday and it most certainly wasn't yesterday! I keep wanting to make the trip with my own family. I know they will love it and will have to do it soon!

Can't wait to hear more...

Thought that was a picture of Pink's new house!

Hello, I was looking for a website with this same name as this one that was for crafty ideas. Is this the same website that has just changed its content, or is this the wrong one?
I was told it was a "conversation" between two friends about cute crafts they did.

I wondered that too...where are all the fun holiday craft ideas. Really missed those with St. Patricks day and Easter having just been here.

Miss your posts! I loved them!

I am pretty sure this is the Biltmore.

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