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I'm dying here wondering where you are going!!!!

2clever, where have you gone? I have been anxiously waiting for months for a new post.....

What happened?? How can I survive a school year without tips and cute craftiness? Miss you BOTH!! :)

Agreed...where are you guys? I'm needing a little fall inspiration!

Missing your creative ideas!!

I'm having 2clever withdrawals!! :)

Hope all is well... you are missed on the web!

I'm missing you. Where did you go?

Fall is around the corner and I have no inspiration! Miss ya'lls posts...

Miss you...

Anyone else a little worried about what happened to these creative bloggers?

I'm hoping life is so wonderfully full that they can't bear to take a break from the laughter and love to reach for their computer. However, I worry it may be something much more sober.

Best of luck to you both....

I know at least one of these lovely gals is in the process of moving to another state with her family, so I'm sure once things get settled again they should be up and running!

(Though I also read that the other 2 clever gal was also moving so I'm sure the busyness is overwhelming.)

Missing your cleverness. Hope to see your wonderful ideas again.

Definitely missing you...come back!!!

Calling Think and Pink! Come back - We need you!
Miss you!

Hello! Just checking in to see if you two gals are alright! Hope to hear from you soon...

Hello ladies! Miss you!

Seriously?? Where are you? Hope all is well...come back soon!

Think & Pink - you need to hire a stand-in while you're both so busy - someone who can post short, snappy, super-quick ideas and tips - Think, Pink & Blink!!!

Seriously, I hope this wonderful blog has new life breathed into it sometime soon <3

Like the background you used to decor art:)

Tap, tap, tap...uh, hello? Is this thing on?

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