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Man o Man, I love this idea. Thank you. Also Thanks for working in the nursery. I have had that calling and hated it. Now I always I try to thank ALL nursery workers. My kids love nursery because of someone like you.

Aww, this is super cute! Thanks tons! I'll be linking. I really love Ashley's comment above!

Thanks for the Father's Day ideas this week!

Thank you - I've been meaning to work on something like this and you've done all the work! Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.

I love it! And that is probably the best Father's Day card anyone has brought home from Nursery ever!!

Oh Sister Think, you are just the cutest. I loved seeing Brother Think in his cuter than all Father's Day tie at church on Sunday. Sometimes I just wish I could hide in your closet and watch all the magic things you do. You are amazing. Whatever are we going to do when you move away. I love you Sister Think.

Thanks for the idea. I will definitely use this for my nursery class for next week! :)

Found this while I was surfing to find a good tie template for MY nursery kids. Thanks so much for sharing!

I loved seeing Brother Think in his cuter than all Father's Day tie at church on Sunday.

good work with the card! now i know what to give my dad this coming Father's Day!

This is such a wonderful idea, however, when I tried to download it to print, it is so huge that I don't even have the whole tie on a 8 1/2 x 11" piece of paper....What am I doind wrong? I would love to use it also for my Primary class.

Roswitha14 :: Try setting your printer to "shrink (or scale) to fit page". Let me know if that works! :: Think

AWESOME! Thanks! I'm in nursery too and was trying to find something and this is PERFECT! Thanks!

Thank you so much for posting a darling, quick and easy idea!

Love this idea! I just completed 15 of these for my Sunday School Class craft tomorrow. Thanks! It was so quick and easy and the 3 year olds will love coloring these.

Thank you for this idea, I love it and it was perfect for my four year old to give to dad.

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