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LOL! I think they are cooler than you are giving them credit for! You can get plain old clear ones for about the same price...right? And the colors of the gumballs will show through even better than with the blue. I've totally borrowed and used your gumball idea and love it. Thanks so much!

KEEP THEM!!!! Or send them to me! Haha!

:: Think

Oh those are totally cooler than you're giving them credit. It would be a shame to part with such a find. And, I am offically jealous.

I've got another idea... how about a give-away. You could even keep several ;) Ok, ok I'm coveting what you've got. But boy, just to have one pretty blue jar. :)

I say... keep them for your doodads. They'd be perfect for that and probably make you happy every time you seen them.

Keep them!! They look better all together than sent off alone in different directions.

Oh those are cool! I would not give them away...

You are the master in finding the best things, and then knowing how to bargain to get an even better deal! I am thinking that you could put those blue jars to good use.
Hope you had a good day!!!

Keep them.

Your ribbon would be VERY cute inside them. Or any number of other things.

give away regular old clear ones. the old blue style ones, you HAVE to keep. and that is one gorgeous photo!

definite ribbon holders. :)

i also meant to say, that since i saw this on your blog a few years ago, we have given these as christmas gifts from my daughter with tags that say, "have a ball, it's christmas time!" they have been HUGE hits. and... now my family is completely addicted to gumballs and much sqwaking ensues if there's not at least a half full box in the "gift" closet at all times. :)

Keep the vintage-y blue and get some regualar ones at the grocery store for the gumballs! (which, by the way, is a VERY cool idea.)I may have to swipe this idea.

My first thought was " crap.. wonder if they are depression glass jars!!!!" Those were all blue glass! If so.. you got a killer deal!!!
They are beautiful! I would keep every one of them!!!

Totally keep them! Give away the plain jars, you found a gem!

As a high school teacher, I am infinitely jealous that elementary teachers get gifts! I get nothing!

I say keep them -- love the blue, vintage feel. I would have loved them for my nephew's first birthday party. Everything was in Mason jars, since his name is Mason -- it was a cute picnic theme. I would have loved those!!

I say keep them as well- they are awesome! I saw your idea last year and took some to my sonĀ“s school, it was a great way for staff to remember his name!

Keep them. Those are beautiful jars!

I MADE MY GUMBALL JARS THIS YEAR !!!!!!! I REMEMBERED!!!!!! everyone loves them .. used them for dance and ymca swim coaches ... taking them to school tomorrow as well as the DOLLAR BILL gift with 100 reasons we love and will miss our teacher. :)

www.marymarthaandco.blogspot.com - there is a picture of my jars. No picture of the dollar bill gift .. it's still drying! :)


Those jars are gorgeous! Love that photo so much. I hope you kept them for yourself...

I think the blue color is so amazing, I would keep them...

How do you make the tags?

What did you decide? I have a small collection of antique Ball jars that belonged to my grandmother. Right now they are just on display in the transom space btwn the kitchen and living room. I want to do something more creative with them.

I LOVE old blue canning jars. I have two half gallon ones on my counter with sugar in one and Splenda in the other. And another one by the stove holds rice.


And another one holds marbles. :)


What did you decide to do with yours?


You should keep them the are a collector Item I just paid 200$ for 21 jars the are so wonderful and I love them you are lucky to find them at such a great price!

These are fantastic! I have such a love affair with glass...but particularly with mason jars.

I love love love your gift idea!


I hope you kept these. They are from around 1908(ish). I just paid $13 for ONE jar. ONE...I collect blue glass and these are so lovely.

KEEP them they are to dang vintage to just give away to someone who may or may not appreciate their beauty. Save them for gifts for other folks that would suit their personalities.



What a joy to find smeoone else who thinks this way.

I hope you kept them, to buy these online is sooo expensive!

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