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I LOVE this gift card idea. It would be a fun one to do for a baby/bridal shower or graduation as well...so awesome.

i love this. way to use those circle clips.

design snob is my third and 4th middle name.

The gift card basket is a fantastic idea...now I already want to be room mom next year so I can dazzle the teacher with this...is that wrong?

I love these baskets! My friend Wende and I did this for 2 years at our elementary school and made quite a bit of money. Our big basket was in a rolling cooler with beach stuff with gift certificates to local water parks and a local amusement park. We tired to be creative in the container we put them in instead of just using baskets and it went over really well. The gift baskets are a ton of work!

I wish we would have seen your cute baskets for some more ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

I would have totally bid on the Card Kaboom! It is things like using that floral foam that separate you and Pink from the masses. I am emblazoning this in my brain to copy sometime in the future. I like that rolling cooler idea too!

Love this idea and am doing for end of year gifts. Where can I find round paper clips?

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