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Great idea about coloring the sheets to the girls' enjoyment. I love the sheets best just about the time they get the holes in them. Love to you all.........

white sheets, washed every week and hung dry club here as well!

Fresh sheets and bleach.
I really have never found a better combo.. but to add coloring to that.. yup - genius.

i am also obsessed with sheets, high thread count sheets to be exact. my darling SIL bought them for us for christmas one year and i will NEVER go back. i tell people they are like "butter" too! :)

my favorite place to buy them as of late is costco. the kirkland brand, they are 600 - i think? and are a great deal, $60 for king size. AWESOME. i knew we were kindred spirits pink! :)

I have never had nice sheets, but it is my latest obsession. I've been on the hunt, but don't have a Sam's membership. I guess I'll check out Costco...

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