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That is SO cute. Do it Friday so it can be enjoyed all weekend! Makes me extra sad we have the "banks" of boxes, and not the old fashioned single boxes.

Pink ::

How bad do I want to live on your street and wake up to a heart on my mailbox? Bad. Very Bad.

Such a cute anonymous thing to do. (Even though I'm sure everyone will know exactly who did it...) And I personally love the staples on it. Makes it industrial chic. And makes it so I can still be friends with you. Because if you had time to whip stitch 100 hearts...my self-esteem would really suffer. I might just do it to the three or so ladies I visit every month for church.

So clever. I love it. :: Think

julie p. - seriously go stick those foam hearts on the "banks"

Such a cute idea... not to many mailboxes around here..just boxes by front doors. But I'm thinking that heart attacking a door would be fun too.

love that idea !:)

This makes me so happy!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Annie - No Fuss Fabulous

Such a cute idea .. think i might just have to head to walmart today for some felt! i have new neighbors i have not met yet ... this would be cute! i like the sneaking out friday an putting them up as well. wonder if i can keep this cool secret to myself all week??? thanks ... like the GOO MAIL on the sie as well .. wishing we got our mail at home instead of PO.

liz b:: oh my dream would be to have the boxes on my front door, maybe you could even make a flag with the heart since they are not used to hearts

Patsy:: thanks!

Annie:: it has taken me years to drop the fuss

Mary E. I am getting worried about your po box comment, when i sent you the ribbon winnings I don't think I used a po box - did you get them???

this is the cutest idea! I hope to try it!

I'm with think! The staples help me to still be your friend!!

I want to be your neighbor...

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