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Oh Pink, this is funny. It says so much about your heart.

I wish I knew them, but alas I don't.

oh pink...

you did the right thing-

Jane -
you are kind to give my heart such a compliment

patsy - Mr. Pink agreed with you.

they are beautiful portraits.. I wonder how they ended up there.. they look like such a wholesome family.. hope you find the owners.. wouldn't that be something?

I would assume a family member would have taken them if they had wanted them. You did right by not buying them.

I love that you are worrying about this. You crack me up! I agree though, it is sad and those sketches should not be at goodwill!


You have such a HUGE heart. It is always inspiring to see how your heart/mind works. Sometimes I feel like The Grinch with my "3 Sizes Too Small" heart.

You should send the photo of the pictures to your local morning TV station and maybe they would do a story to try and find the family or someone else to adopt them. It would be a great human interest story.

Now I'm wondering what treasures I throw away?? :: Think

I love the idea of finding their families. hopefully they weren't the ones that just gave them away!
if they were from my family, I would treasure them!

I feel the same way you do. At the DI in Provo, I always saw family pictures in frames for like .50. I would get so upset that people could just give away things like that. Your sketches are even worse. But, you were right in walking away. I do like Think's idea about the news. That would be great!

lauralee:: i know i wonder who made the decision to take them to goodwill, that is why my heart breaks because what if it was the cranky old uncle cleaning out the house and his wife came back and said, "honey where are those portraits, I would have wanted to keep those?"
Anita K:: I like your reassuring common sense - I need to shrink you down and have you sit on my shoulder each time I go, you would be a good voice of reason
Ashley C:: see why I am a worry wort - sometimes it is tough being me

I love your big heart. You are such a good person. That would have made me sad too. Those pictures are beautiful. I would love to have something like that of my family. But if you're sticking to a budget, then you probably did the right thing.

I would not have bought them. But I agree that it is sad they are sitting in a Goodwill instead of in a family member's home.

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