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don't you have one of those kitchen blow torches? i saw something recently about baked alaska and it looked so easy if you have the right tools

I love that you post these events! My daughter's preschool class celebrated National Popcorn Day last week!

As always - great ideas. I just shared some LUV with you over at my blog by voting you one of my favorite blogs. Come on over to littleantdesign.blogspot.com and check it out.

i love that you post these!

here is a great one to add to the list:

Today is the Chinese New Year! It was an awesome realization for me b/c I had already planned to take the girls to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch

I too am having so much fun with these! My kids however, are THRILLED you are posting these!!!!

I've even had friends ask how I know this stuff..........of course I learned about it through blogging :)

I love what's coming up on the 28th! I am celebrating that for sure!

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