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okay- that's just darn cute!

I know a friend who uses sucker molds to make individual turkey butter pats for each dinner guest! I wish I had some turkey sucker molds- right now...

What a great idea Patsy. 2 Clever for sure. I will have to use my 40% off coupon sometime for some molds. Thanks for commenting!

We have these in Utah at Thanksgiving and they make Christmas trees at Christmas....I love to use them!

patsy. great idea.
think - seriously i love to read or hear about when you were a kid.
i am on the butter hunt!

I just found these at our local Pavilions Grocery Store and got giddy with excitement. They are perfect for a Thanksgiving table.

The Farm Show in PA this time of year would always have an enormous butter sculpture too, only it was a huge secret because it was something different every year. I just might have to get that butter of the turkey though!

I'm bowing to your Martha-ness! How cute is that butter sculpture. Now I have butter-envy. I won't be able to look at my butter the same on Thanksgiving.

Oh - sorry... I'm from O-H-I-O as well! Go Bucks!!!

loving the butter turkey.


I-O!!! Love ya Carlo!

Thanks for always letting us know you are out there.

I've seen those sculpted butters as well. But never a big pig or cow or Elvis! I assume they had to do the carving and displaying in a refrigerated case?

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